Ciao sto Vincenzo I'll furgone prosecco. E bello incontrare tutti voice.

Hello I am vincenzo the prosecco van. It is lovely to meet you all.

My story begins in the 1970's. I am a piaggio ape van, I was assembled in Pisa italy. Along with my brothers, I was very popular choice for the norrow roads of the city. Pisa is a lovely city but the time came to move on. I needed to see more of my home country. First I decided to visit venice, the floating city and the place in which I was named after. Along the way I stopped off in many towns, labouring here and there to pay my way on the road. Traveling is fun but not cheap. For a short while I worked the farm lands of my beautiful country transporting everything from, wood, clay, sand, fish and bread. On my arrival in Venice I settled into the city straight away. I met Don Peppe and together we delivered pizza for many years. After Don Peppe retired my roaming wheels got the better of me and I decided to continue my travels, Florence, Rome, Naples, all around Italy, I went. Eventually I ended up on the amalfi coast, in a rut and undecided what to do. After many years of traveling the roads of Italy' doing odds and sods and bits and bobs, the UK beckoned to me. So one day I said to myself 'hey little vinny ' cogli l'attimo (seize the day).

I had saved for many many years and decided that I should bring a little bit of Italy to the UK. I had a new paint Job, in cheeky yellow and a whole new make over. I reinvented myself as a prosecco van, so I could help the people of the UK enjoy bottled prosecco 1754 and draught frizzante 1754. I had flash coolers installed and taps fitted to my back so you can have plenty of the fizzy stuff (cold and sparkling in an instant) So if you wish to celebrate a wedding/party/opening/ festival, whatever the event, why not give little Vinny a shout. I'm very compact and can fit into most spaces and I'm powered from a normal plug socket.

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